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Edward Moehle


Moehle Law Firm, Ltd. began in 1966 as the partnership of Moehle, Moehle & Reardon.  At that time, brothers, Melvin O. Moehle and Edward C. Moehle, were both experienced trial attorneys and Carl Reardon was a recent law school graduate.  Bradley W. Swearingen, became a member of the firm in 1976.  Valerie M. Moehle, daughter of Edward C. Moehle, joined the firm in 1987.


Melvin O. Moehle and Edward C. Moehle practiced law well into their 80’s before retiring in 2008 and 2010 respectively.  Bradley W. Swearingen retired in 2017.    


The firm has approached the practice of law with an innovative spirit, which is demonstrated by its actions:  

  • Hiring female attorneys and law clerks in the 1960’s and 1970’s. 

  • Embracing computers and automation in the 1970’s – long before most firms.

  • Becoming an early member and agent of Attorneys' Title Guaranty Fund, Inc. - the only Bar-Related® title insurance company in Illinois. 

  • Continually encouraging attorneys to explore new practice areas to meet clients’ needs. 


Service of clients and community has been the vanguard of the firm for over 50 years.  Our attorneys and staff have invested deeply in the local community through public service and volunteer work.  The firm has supported many local not-for-profits through pro bono services and through providing back office support as its attorneys and staff volunteered and served in leadership positions.


Today, Valerie M. Moehle carries on the long-standing values and traditions of the firm. 

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